About AAC in the Cloud

AAC is hard enough with help, nobody should have to do it on their own

Everyone Deserves a Conference

AAC in the Cloud isn't the first AAC conference. There have been great in-person, applied AAC conferences focused on practitioners or families that have helped many people sharpen their AAC skills and get started. However, those in-person conferences can only reach so many people, and only those who can afford to travel and attend. We're not alone in wanting to help spread the knowledge of best practices in AAC so families, teaching staff, practitioners and AAC users themselves can learn and improve.

Keeping Things Open

With the power and freedom of the Internet, we can now open up an online AAC conference at very little cost that can be shared with as many participants as we can find. And best of all, YouTube just loves hosting videos for free, so we can keep all the past sessions up and open for all of us to keep learning year after year.

We hope AAC in the Cloud can make a huge difference. There are so many people who can benefit from learning about new practices and perspectives, and who may need helping getting started on their AAC journey. We're so proud of all the presenters and moderators who done their time and energy to this free resource to the AAC community!