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AAC Innovation & Beyond

AAC in the Cloud

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June 25-26


AAC in the Cloud is coming back again this year! We're so excited to learn from another great batch of presenters. Whether this is your first, second, third, fourth or seventh year, we're excited to have you with us!

The theme this year is "Breaking Barriers - AAC Innovation and Beyond" and we can all learn from each other as we work to improve the lives of AAC users around the world. Thank you to all of our amazing presenters for donating your time and insight!

Breaking Barriers - AAC Innovation and Beyond

Alternative and augmentative communication gives voice to thousands of people who might not otherwise be heard. Supporting these communicators is a community effort, and requires collaboration between practitioners, family members, developers and, well, all of us!.

AAC advancements, planning ahead for growth, strides in technology, expanding understanding in the community & more -- we are THRILLED for the chance to share AAC insights from experienced voices this summer.

We invite you to take part in this AAC focused, online conference with sessions addressing a large variety of topics. The event will also include fun activities, inspirational stories, and even some fun surprises!

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AAC in the Cloud web header 2024-01.png

CoughDrop, that's us!

Learn more about CoughDrop and why we care so much about AAC, communicators, and their support teams here. Find out about our new AAC funding initiative, AAC Now.

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