Frequently-Asked Questions

We've got answers!

Can I get CEUs for this conference?

AAC in the Cloud is not an ASHA CEU-certified conference. However, we will provide a certificate of attendance to those who register, attend sessions, and fill out our post-session form. With that certificate you can report your participation to whoever you'd like! You can use the certificate to report ASHA Certification Maintenance Hours, or as professional development hours for other state or organizational tracking.

We will also post the videos afterward, and provide a tool to easily generate certificates of attendance whether you watch the sessions live or afterward. Post-conference attendance hours will receive the same certificate, so feel free to watch the sessions on a schedule that works for you!

What technology will I need to attend?

AAC in the Cloud's sessions will be broadcast on YouTube Live, which is basically the same thing as normal YouTube. We will also be hosting chats for each session, and these will run in our Slack channel. All links will be available on the home page of this site.

Will the sessions be recorded, can I view them afterwards?

Totes McGoats! We'll be sad to miss you for our Slack community (seriously, there's going to be fun and surprises well worth joining for if you can). CoughDrop will record the sessions, and make them available on Youtube after the conference. You can even still get a certificate of attendance for watching the videos after the fact, so don't pull too many hairs out if you can't make it live.

Are sessions captioned?

Conference sessions are posted to YouTube immediately after recording has ended, and we currently use YouTube's auto-captioning to support text-based access to sessions. As new technology becomes available for automatic live transcription we hope to adopt it, but without additional funding we can't support live transcription. In the mean time we encourage (but don't require) presenters to use on-screen transcription tools built into their presentation tools.

Where do I see the schedule?

All sessions will be listed on our home page, so you can easily click to view them, during or after they are broadcast. We will also provide links to join the conference Slack channel.

Is it really free?

Yes. Really, really! The AAC community is great, and we're so thankful to all the presenters who are volunteering time to share their insights on AAC. We want everyone to have access to quality learning resources for AAC, and are happy to do our part.